Warped Yet Unwoven

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm too young to have kids this old

I really felt old this week end.
My sister's 19 (as of June) year old daughter Ash has moved from home and into an apartment with her boyfriend. She didn't want to go to college, would have been a sophomore now if she had gone to college, and is working at a banquet hall for a whopping $8.00 an hour.
It saddens me to see her throw away her youth and potential. My sister & husband tried to talk to her, tried to discourage her, but she always was a stubborn kid.
Neither her or her boyfriend have health insurance. He has a crummmy job, actually 2-3 jobs in construction.
My parents are heart broken...old school..."they are living in SIN"...etc
Boy knows, but Girl hasn't been told yet.
Everyone has to make there own mistakes to learn the lessons of life. Hopefully she won't end up pregnant.

Boy said, when he heard about his cousin, that everyone went nuts since he left for college.

Starting to get ready for Thanksgiving which will be at my house...AGAIN this year.
My mother is getting so it is too much for her to handle.
My sister gets too stressed out making large dinners & gets witchy and I don't feel comfortable in her house. I think her husband goes around and inspects the house after everyone leaves to see if anyone left dirt or scratched any of his furniture. (He's obsessive compulsive anal retentive!)

So anyway...I'm making the turkey, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes (recipe from America's test kitchen) & gravy & corn, and Mom is making the apple & pumpkin pies and Sugar snap peas and my Sister is making Mashed potatoes and rolls & cheddar garlic bisquits (like at Red lobster).

My table opens to 9 feet. There will be between 11 and 13 of us ...depending on whether Girl has to work and when Ash gets off from work and if her boyfriend shows up.

Meeting the girls tomorrow for lunch at the Chinese buffet place. I'm taking an hour or more for lunch instead of leaving early as it is my flex day. I get to see Mandy's baby...finally...little Jacob Giovanni. I think I'm going mostly to see the baby, get my baby fix for awhile. They can chow down at the buffet and I'll hold the baby. :->

My dad had a cat scan yesterday to see how his aggressive prostrate tumor is doing, if the drugs he is taking have shrunk it any. He doesn't find out what's going on until DEC 1st...talk about leaving someone to sit around getting stressed out..yikes!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Tupperware, glitter and snow

The boy called tonight at the time I AOL IM-ed him to call. It's always a very one sided conversation.

me: Did it snow there yet? Do you want us to bring your winter jacket to you?
boy: no
me: How are your classes going?
boy: OK

He did say that snow is in the forecast and that he is dressing in layers and glad that he went to Wegman's over the weekend and got some food. He said that coat wise, he can wait till Thanksgiving.
The newscaster here just said that we may need a snow brush tomorrow....yuck

Week 2 weight watchers.....grand total of 3.8 lbs gone. Whoop dee doo!
Hubby made brownies. I had to try them.
Jes at work brought in a Cadbury chocolate bar..a BIG one to share. I had to try it.
MM brought in Kettle corn from the craft show...didn't eat... any as I pictured her 2 yr old son wiping his nose on his hand and sticking his snot coated hand in the bag to get some popcorn. ewwww!
It works if I visualize discusting things about the food I am tempted to eat.

Girl is upset as her roommate this semester is moving out and going to live with a friend. She has had 4 different roommates in 5 semesters and she is wondering if there is something wrong with her.

Hubby was laughing the other day while putting away the dishes from the dishwasher, most of which were plastic containers. I asked him what he was laughing about and he said that he wonders if while we are making love if I think about tupperware. So later that night ...."OOOOOH OOOO Tupppper ware!" and we both started cracking up laughing.

I started working on a craft project involving glitter. I still had a few flecks of glitter glued to my hand when i went to work even though I bathed last night, showered and washed my hair this morning etc.
I really should avoid going into craft stores. I spend too much money in those stores, especially if I'm in the store a long time.

Monday, November 01, 2004

happy all souls day..election eve

I'll be SO happy when this election is over and there are no more political ads on TV.

Strange things happened yesterday...Halloween.
Hubby wanted to go to church, but when he tried to get out the kitchen door to the garage....it wouldn't open. It was stuck in the locked position.
I suggested he try the key. So he went out the front door, opened the garage door and tried to open the kitchen door with the key.
No luck.
Dang lock was broken.
It was only 2-3 months old, and installed by Home Depot with the new door.
Luckily we had a spare door knob.....the new door had a spot for a dead bolt, which I didn't realize when I bought the door knob. So when Hubby got the dead bolt for the door, he bought the twin set, knob & deadbolt.....
He missed church, but the door is fixed.
Good news is that both locks now can be opened by the same key and we were home locked in instead of being locked out!

It was rather windy yesterday....
40 mile per hour winds and cold
But that didn't stop my BroInLaw across the street from using his leaf blower!

Hubby: "What's that noise? That what I think it is?"
(hubby getting that glazed over look in his eye at the prospect of getting to help someone with a chainsaw)
Me: "SOunds like a leafblower"
Hubby: "No, it's too windy...who's that crAZY?"
mE: "iT'S BroInLaw"
Hubby: .......
Me: "He's using his leaf blower"

Yep, the man who painted his house in a rain storm under tarps was now blowing his leaves in the wind.

Girl came home friday night unexpectedly. She stayed over night and went back Late Sat. afternoon. Good to see her, but when ya have the weekend all planned out in your mind...needless to say, when someone is sleeping on the living room couch it's hard to clean the living room...especially if they sleep till noon.
We went to the local pizza restaurant for lunch. Me, my mom, girl, my sister and niece "c*".
Girl always pigs out lately when we take her out to eat and amazingly always forgets to bring her wallet.

I miss boy. I had to IM him from work Friday to tell him to call us. He wasn't even on-line, I had to leave him a message. When he called he wanted to know why he had to call......
"Well maybe because we haven't talked to you in 2 weeks!!!"
Today I IM'd him and told him that his Dad may come visit him Tues night after work. He said that no visit was necessary..:-<
Not about to tell hubby that. He'll be heart broken.
maybe we'll pay him a visit this coming weekend...or not.

GOOD grief!

I got home late from work due to the afterwork weight watcher's meeting. (Back at the 50 lbs gone mark)
I was thinking of stopping at McDonalds to get a hot fudge sundae, and hamburger happy meal with choc. milk....but decided to make something at home instead.
I put the muffin in the toaster and was ready to crack open a couple of eggs when the phone rang. It was mom inviting me for a roast pork dinner with real mashed potatoes and butternut squash and salad.....pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling and whipped cream......mmmmmm (drooooool)
I was there in a flash.
Hubby had night class so I went alone.
My uncle was there and I got to see pictures of 6 mo. old baby "Brain" (my 47 yr old cousin's first baby with his "child bride")
"Brain" is sooo cute.
Real food and baby pictures what more could an over 40 empty nester want.
Back on the diet tomorrow!!! ;->

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Leaves are Fallin'

Wow...October is alsmost over and I haven't completed the "To Do" list that is kept in my mind. I don't dare write it down for fear that I'd look like an even bigger procrastinator.
My husband is good getting things done on his "To Do" list. he writes the stuff down.
Lately my inner child just wants to stay home from work and goof off. It's probably because I still feel miserable from the sinus/ear infection. I'm on the 2nd round of antibiotics and my ear still isn't right. I remember the "good old days" when you could stay home from school when you were sick, sleep in and get a note from your mom saying that you were indeed sick. If one's mother wrote that one was sick, it must be true. Now if you call in sick your co-workers speculate if you are really sick or just playing hookey. It's even worse if you call in on a sunny warm day.
I'm back on Weight Watchers, an in work 10 week program. Peer pressure works wonders when you want to stay on the program. We got food from "Mighty Taco" for lunch. I got a large chicken Fajita...hot...it was so good, but not 9 ww points good. :-<
When it is chilly out side and it gets dark so early all i want to do is sleep and eat and eat.
I noticed today that no birds committed suicide at work. i told this to Marly and she agreed that none had hit the window. I said that maybe all the stupid ones were dead already....
The coyote hasn't been around. It was reported by a co-worker that someone saw it dead on the side of the main drag.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why Warped yet unwoven

I have a loom.
A lovely loom.
It's been set up, or warped as weavers like to say, for over 10 years. It's sitting in the corner of the living room. Spiders have woven more on it than I have.
When I had it ready to go, my kids were little and wanting to help me....even if I wasn't home...so the little time I had to devote to weaving, (after working evenings and when no one was around as it is noisy and they can't hear the TV over the banging noise of the loom....) I had to spend unweaving what my little darlings had woven as the rows were unevenly spaced etc...and trying to find my shuttles and bobbins that somehow end up under their beds..So I gave up. And there it sits collecting dust.

Now that I could be weaving again....I lost my "mojoe" or "muse" or something. I don't feel like dragging out all the stuff and trying to remember what to do or where I put the things I need to weave.

We joked at college that you had to be warped to weave...well I'm warped...been warped for years!
But it's unwoven...like my life.
All my talent & potential has been smothered by self doubt, indecision, and someone who calls my craft projects --> Crap projects.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My First blogg

When I think of what I could write if I had a blogg, I can think of many humorous things to say. But when it comes to actually writing ...that's another story

This week has been interesting at work to say the least. The building I work in has 2 sides that are all reflective glass windows. Birds have been "committing suicide" by flying into the windows. We hear them before we see them. We'll all be working quietly then... BOOM...
It's beginning to get like that movie "The Birds"
This is really starting to upset my co-workers.
I just say "Stupid Birds" as they are saying "Oh no not another one. Make it stop" etc...
A big fat robin hit the window and everyone ran to the window just in time to see a huge crow swoop out of the tree and land on the fallen robin. Someone banged on the window and scared away the crow. The robin was still alive. After about 5 minutes it hopped away and flew off back into the window...dumb bird.
We were concerned about all the dead bird bodies laying outside the building, but we needn't be. A coyote has been taking care of the bird bodies for us... We heard that there was a coyote around the area. Today we saw it. It was making a meal of the bird bodies. One gal ran out side and called to the coyote to come to her. ...ok...what would she have done if it actually started running towards her..
It was determined that it was a female coyote as it squatted to take a leak.
The place is like a freaking nature preserve. We have to watch for deer when we drive in the driveway to work.

Monday, it was so cold at work that I had a fleece throw over my legs and my little space heater going. The thermomiter magnet on my cubicle said that it was 55 degrees. One girl said she felt like she was dead as she was so cold.
Tuesday they finally got the new furnace up and running. Upstairs people were complaining that it was too hot. Someone said that it was 85 degrees. Photographers were at the building taking pictures of all the board members. We could see the flash as it kept going off. Like a strobe light...giving Marly a migraine.
Today it was chilly again at work. The upstairs people complained so much that they turned down the heat.... so now we are cold again.
The upstairs ladies room was out of order.....the upstairs copy machine was out of order....and the microwave oven in the break room started smoking and stopped working when someone from UPSTAIRS used it. Too much negative energy from upstairs.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring....